Friday, July 22, 2011

the good old days

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I found some sketches from years gone by - by me in the days when I was sketching around Suva and nearby, but one of Lelean school was painted by one of my students at that school - maybe 1963. One of Veitalacagi, the teachers' house near the girls' dormitory in Davuilevu where I once stayed. One of the mosque in Toorak from the time I lived opposite in a room at the back of the house of my Indian friends. Sounds of the call to worship was intertwined with the tonic solfa choir practices at Jubilee. Two pictures I altered using photoshop, a program I am playing with at present and post some results mainly on the geelong visual diary blog. Better than doing housework I reckon.


nzm said...

The mosque paintings are wonderful - just like the real thing!

I was back in Fiji in March. Despite all the changes, it's still home, but so disappointing to see how it's regressed over time, mostly where infrastructure is concerned. said...

So, I don't actually suppose it will have effect.