Tuesday, June 23, 2009

View from Toorak

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What a difference it was to move from Davuilevu greenery to Toorak in Suva with a view of buildings running all the way down to the sea. This is just a memory sketch of the time when I rented a room in Amy Street (with Mrs Chaudhry's family I believe) and cooking roti and curry on a little primus. Living in Suva in the 60s was wonderful with the mix of people. It was very safe then - no locks, no bars on windows - and there was a great freedom to walk about. There were the calls from the nearby mosque, the choir practices in tonic solfa at the Methodist hall opposite. I remember the lovely meals with neighbours in a cubby under a house, the Brown family, the Chinese shop below. I was a teacher at Dudley High School and a member of Dudley church, though I also went to Centenary. Life was busy, optimistic, secure, and there was a passion to participate in the education of both Indian and Fijian girls.

A song:
Those were the days my friend I thought they'd never end....

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Wilson said...

Wow. I've followed a strangely similar house pattern O_o I used to stay in Nakasi all my life (Nakasi represent!) and just recently have shifted to Toorak :) Sadly, the toorak that you describe isn't the same one i'm living in. But hey, you take what you're given yeah?