Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Davuilevu - two views

Green grass and jungle, Baker Hall, Lelean Memorial School, the Vuli Talatala, houses on hilltops. One view is from Shantiniwas, which was once a building below the Dilkusha Orphanage. The other is a view from Veitalacagi where, once upon a time, the single women teachers lived near the girls' dormitory.


Andrew Thornley said...

Delightful paintings, thankyou.

Is that church in the second picture Baker Hall?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
Artist's license of course as Baker Hall is probably is grey in colour! Just a kind of memory of when I was teaching at Lelean many years ago. Davuilevu - wet, soggy, lots of grass, but a delightful environment and people. I taught art there, even Grade 7 and 8 located in Baker Hall.

Kirstie Close said...

Hooray, the Lelean school! It keeps popping up everywhere now that I am looking for it. Thanks for the beaut artwork. It's a great view of Baker Hall.