Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Fiji wedding - from the archives

It's an anniversary today - 31st December and it's a bit hard to remember forty years ago in Lautoka. Anyway here's a picture taken about that time of us with Nau Levu and Nau Kisi.


Pandabonium said...

Wow. Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on 40 years.

Very smart getting married on December 31st - no one can forget, and the whole world celebrates each year with you.

laminar_flow said...

Love the glasses Wendy. Have a good anniversary with Peceli, if you guys are planning to rendevous.
If not remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Happy New Year.

George said...

Happy Anniversay from the gang in Fiji especially the grandchildren and myself.

Hope to see you soon

nzm said...

Happy Anniversary Wendy and Peceli!

Happy New Year too.

Julie Oakley said...

Happy Anniversary, and congratulations - amazing length of time.

Funny to think I was in Lautoka at the same time - we lived in the house to the right of the police station. Thank you for bringing back memories of Fiji.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thank you Panda, Laminar, George, Nzm, and Julie. We did have a nice day yesterday but no expensive dinner or anything. There's been too many parties over the past three weeks. We got home this morning about 4 a.m. after celebrating with some of the Fijian groups at the Coburg church in Melbourne - after midnight, kava, talk, and more food.
Just checking into the internet for ten minutes.
Julie - you lived in Lautoka then, wow! We were in Maravu Street halfway up the hill. I taught some music at Jasper Williams school that year.

loloma said...

Hi Wendy!
Happy Anniversary and a wonderful New Year! That is indeed an impressive lenght of time.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have been reading and enjoying your posts for a while now and was going to comment one of these days. I am a historian doing research on Fiji, among other things - hence the name "Loloma". I've been to Fiji once and hope to go again this year.
I was really happy to come across your blog - it's always nice to find people who share my love for these islands.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Loloma, okay, that explains the name.
Lovely task to be a historian. If you are interested in music of Fiji - that was my area of research - and my thesis is at USP - the music of Labasa. I don't write academic stuff these days - it's hard enough to put one sentence together without a 'senior moment'!