Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New magazine for Fiji women - Marama

from Wendy,

First time for me to see this magazine. It's glossy and looks great. Not full of size 8 vavalagi women, but 'real' women of Fiji. Lots of feature articles about interesting Fiji women, even a woman engineer, health, food, fashion, gardening, relationships queries. Even the crossword is based on Fiji questions. A few handouts from government and organisations but done selectively.

The woman on the cover is Lailun Khan who heads the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau.

It looks like a nice magazine to complement Fiji Living which I wrote about in an earlier post.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

This morning I was talking with a Fijian woman and showed her the magazine and she browsed through it quickly.
Her response was - the magazine is costly for young Fiji women who might earn $2 an hour or less. It is meant for those on good incomes and the standard of living it pitches is beyond most Fiji women - the beauty treatments, the fashion clothes, the raised expectations of a high standard of living.
However I feel that it does fulfil a role for the many up and coming young Fiji women who want to be smart and attractive. It certainly is more relevant than the purchase of Australian or New Zealand women's magazines.

Anonymous said...

Can you send me contact information for the magazine? I would like to get permission to reprint parts of one issue. I would also like to give people a way to subscribe to the magazine. I served on Koro as Peace Corps and now manage the Friends of Fiji newsletter in the states.

Thanks. Cynthia Grant grantc@gao.gov

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Cynthia,
Lucky I have a copy close by. Email address is marama@connect.com.fj and website: www.fijitoday.com.fj or write to PO Box 18577 Suva Fiji Islands. Good luck.
Reminds me to email Peceli in Fiji and ask him to buy the latest Marama and Turaga magazines for me.

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