Monday, September 04, 2006

Babasiga kura / noni farm

from Peceli

Babasiga kura

I was very interested to meet a family in Labasa who have developed a business growing and producing kura medicine. Fijian Kura is called noni in many other Pacific countries.

Rahega’s family came from Naseakula village and settled in Dreketilailai which is about 25 k out of Labasa in a beautiful mountain area. I met the family when I was in Labasa three weeks ago and they invited me to their farm. As an alternative to sugar cane they have planted kura (noni) and established an excellent business, producing bottles of kura medicine for sale. The farmer uses seeds from the fruit to plant and start the seedlings. He also breeds sheep for the Fiji market.

Contacts if interested in buying;
Rahega Farm, Dreketilailai,Labasa,Fiji
Mobile: 9973 029

E-Mail Address
Ateca Taulia
Nasea Drugstore, Labasa, Fiji

Lot 88, Kaikai Street, Nepani, Suva, Fiji
Phone: 3396 544
Mobile: 9911 927

Outside of Fiji, I have some sample bottles of kura made in Labasa. If you want more information, you can provide your email address or contact details as a comment to this posting.

Other postings about kura are in our August archive, on August 9th and 10th.

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