Monday, April 10, 2006

Story from around the kava bowl

from Peceli
Here is a story from around the kava bowl.

On the way from Rakiraki to Ba Hospital a small utility truck was carrying an empty coffin. A hitchhiker on the side of the road past Vaileka town called for the truck to stop, then he hopped up onto the back of the truck close to the coffin.

It started to rain and the hitchhiker thought about not getting wet, so his solution was to hop inside the empty coffin for shelter.

A little later on the road close to Tavua bridge another hitchhiker wanted a ride so the driver said to him to hop up onto the back of the truck.

Good, the fellow thought, it will be a free ride for me and I don't have to pay a bus or taxi.

On the way the second hitchhiker noticed the coffin was shaking and then its lid started to open and he could see five fingers stick up in the air! Is this a dead man or a ghost?

He was so frightened he jumped off from the back of the truck into a cane field and hurt himself.

The first man who was in the coffin box did not notice anyone else riding in the back of the truck.

When they reached the Ba hospital the truck driver asked the man, 'Did you see another man who also came in the back of the truck?'

'No I didn't see anyone.'

Later they saw another truck arriving outside the hospital with an injured man who was shouting to everyone that a ghost made him break his leg.

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Pandabonium said...

That's a good one. I'll have to remember it.

It reminds of a time, I was about 14 I think, that I went to visit a cousin in the hospital. He had been in a car crash (happily he recovered completely). Anyway, a group of us were waiting in the hall outside his room. I was tired and sat down on a wicker wheel chair that happened to be there.

My cousin's girl friend came down the hall. We had never met and there were introductions all around. When it came to me, I stood up and the girl's eyes became very wide open and her jaw dropped. Having seen me in the wheel chair, she assumed I was parapalegic and thought she was witnessing a miracle when I stood up. :)