Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Live simply

From Peceli

For many years I had a sticker on one of my second-hand cars which read
Live simply that others may simply live. That saying has been going around for thirty years I think but it is still okay.

I went to the tailor yesterday because the zipper in my best pants was broken. He said it would cost $10 to fix it, so I thought, Okay I’ll go shopping instead. At the nearby Opportunity Shop I found a new blue shirt for $4.50 and new looking pants for $4 so I bought them. I had to go to a Rotary club meeting last night in my Italian friend Jo’s restaurant so wore them with my bright red tie. I got fined for being so well-dressed!

One of the advantage of being in Australia is when you go shopping for clothes you can buy a man’s suit for $3000 if you want to, or as cheap as $10.


Pandabonium said...

Good bumper sticker. Funny that you were frugal, yet ended up being fined.
I know Rotary probably didn't take much, but still very funny.

Esmeralda Migliore said...

Live simply. That's a nice sticker you had there. It's kinda funny how you got fined for being well-dressed. I still use my second-hand car, which I got from my father during my stay in Indiana.

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