Sunday, June 11, 2017

Andrew's birthday

It's Andrew Snr's birthday today. My youngest son. No party and he's helping me a lot as I have to fast today for a medical procedure tomorrow. He's a great son. Here are some photos of the three boys. George, Robin, Andrew. Andrew was born at Labasa hospital in Fiji and he was nine pounds six ounces, the biggest baby in the hospital. I was in a ward with young women - Indian, Fijian, Chinese and me. Home in two days and it cost 20 cents a day. We were living at Vatuadova cane farm at the time and Peceli had taken leave from the church to help the family tribe and their land issues. He started several development projects - trochus fishing, timber logging, a shop in Mali Island, building a church at Wailevu, small tourist bures, etc but mostly the family didn't really care much about development at the time and after three years we came over to Australia.


JLG said...

Just loving all of your stories about life in Fiji. My parents were in the Methodist church as well so I can relate to some of the stories.

Unknown said...

Anything on Sinclair families Levuka Suva and Labasa?