Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Retyred, retreaded, a hired forty year old 'antique' bus

Retyred, retreaded, an antique bus. I don't think the article is meant to be funny for April Fools Day, but to me it is rather quaint.  Is it hired for a few days or several months?  The name is a bit tricky as there is a Fiji political party of the same name - or at least they did a submission to the Ghai constitution review a while back.

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wati talebula, AQELA SUSU
The Prime Minister, Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama, said he chose an open campaign bus because it would allow him to reach out to the public. He made this comment after launching his proposed political party, FijiFirst, and a campaign bus that he would be taking around the country to collect his 5000 signatures.
“I chose this bus because it’s open and one that can reach out to the public at large, we don’t want a closed one,” Mr Bainimarama said.
The bus is owned by the Island Buses Limited and is only hired by the Prime Minister.
Company director Virendra Kewal confirmed it.
He said the bus had been running for 40 years.
“I can confirm that it is being hired by the Prime Minister for his campaign and this bus has been kept very well, in demand and an antique,” he said.

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