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Methodist church acapella or guitars?

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This is an interesting development and it has taken quite a long time. Of course in the Indian Division, musical instruments such as an organ have been used for a long time. Guitars and drums?  Not that I know of, but the youth like the modern style for their action choruses and include this in some of their meetings.  But it's a different style from the acapella four part harmony or even the Lauan polotu which traditionally is accompanied by a triangle.  Here's where I read about it - in the Fiji Sun. I'm sure many elderly church members would frown if American style choruses push aside the choir style of singing.  My view is to accommodate both styles and I'd go further to say that as I like Indian bhajans very much,  these ought to be added alongside Fijian Methodist hymns.

Methodists to use musical instruments

Rev Waisele Ketedromo (left), and Rev Tomasi Mawi of Serua at Centenary Church. Photo: Ronald Kumar
Ana Sovaraki
Divisional superintendents and chief stewards of the Methodist Churches in Fiji will take back to their divisions and circuits a proposal to introduce musical instruments in church services.
This was one of the proposals discussed during the third day of a week-long workshop to prepare for the church’s upcoming golden jubilee celebration at the Centenary Church in Suva yesterday.

Church’s general secretary Reverend Tevita Banivanua said they proposed to introduce the use of musical instruments alongside the church’s traditional system of worship, considering the interest of the younger generation.

“The Methodist Church is renowned for its singing and worship and we have preserved that. The introduction of musical instruments doesn’t mean that we will move away from that or eliminate it,” Reverend Banivanua said. 
He said the elders of the church may not accept the idea easily.

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