Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fiji voter registration in whole of Australia

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I noticed the Fiji papers are running stories given by the Fiji Government Information website about the registration in Australia to vote in the forthcoming Fiji election. We did our very best in Geelong to contact nearly all the Fiji-connected people in our region, but it seems that this was not so in some other places. Perhaps the people did not know, or were not interested, or did not have current Fiji passports, or a few were hesitant in case men in suits (from immigration) were at the doorway and the whisper of 'Tevoro, tevoro' came too late  - the fear of being sent to a Detention Centre for those picked up for working illegally.  Anyway, thank you to the team made of very capable and professional young men and women who visited us.
Fiji live:
664 Fijians register in Australia February 25, 2014 03:58:50 
 Fiji's Elections office registered a total of 664 Fijians for the 2014 general election during its recent registration drive in Australia. Over the course of the nine-day campaign, which ran from February 14th to February 22nd, five registration teams travelled to 49 locations around the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, the territories with the highest populations of Fijian citizens. The teams visited Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as other major towns and cities, such as Adelaide, Liverpool, Penrith, Griffith, Ballarat, Banyo, and Cairns. For the exercise, a total of 13 specialised staff were deployed from the Fijian Elections Office in Suva, supported by officials from the Fijian High Commission in Canberra and Fijian Consulate in Sydney. The total cost of the Australian registration drive was $115,000 FJD. FijiLive

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And here's a link to a video about it from the ABC.

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