Friday, January 10, 2014

Labasa town and flooding

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There are great plans for a women's cultural centre for Labasa and that's great.  However I wonder if the site is really okay because of the potential  for flooding in Labasa town when the river rises, as it does, often. Maybe it will be double storey so that downstairs only cars can get wet!

Land found for North women centre

A piece of land near the Labasa River-end of town has been earmarked for the first multicultural centre aimed at assisting women of Macuata province in improving their livelihoods will soon materialise.
The $35,000 bilateral project by the Ministry of Women and the Labasa Town Council will boost women’s economic activities in Labasa. The special administrator of Labasa / Savusavu, Vijay Chand, said the Government was funding the project.

The centre has an open space with an inside kitchen sink, plumbing, electrical and an ablution block.
“The centre will help the rural women who come from far to sell their crafts. It will also be an affordable temporary accommodation for travellers and for training younger rural women.”

“It will also strengthen cultural traditions and improve the standard of living for local women through self-employment.
“The proposed centre can be used as an information centre and it will also empower women to be more independent. The project is expected to be completed in June,” Mr Chand said.

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