Monday, March 18, 2013

Fuss over a new plane for Fiji

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Looks like the new Air Pacific plane is showing off to all and sundry by flying around Fiji to a bit of hoopla, even flying over Labasa town.  It's to be called the Island of Taveuni which is nice.  We always liked to fly in the one named after Vanua Levu of course. One of the most beautiful of flowers comes from Taveuni, the tagimoucia red and white flower on a creeper and there's a song about it. Go to to hear the Kadavu choir sing it. Taveuni Island is a very beautiful island, one of my favourite places in Fiji.

North overfly

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Update: 10:45PM EXCITEMENT filled the air as workers, students and shoppers ran out of their offices and schools to wave at the new Airbus that flew over Labasa Town at 10:45am.
While some stood on the ground and waved up at the plane, some workers stood on the rooftop and took pictures.
The Airbus 330-200 flew into Labasa from the mountain range near Mali Island and made a round over Labasa Town.
It flew towards Waiqele and turned back to town much to the excitement of the Labasa residents before it headed to the West.

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