Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Out-sourcing is wrong

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There used to be a proviso for anyone from overseas working in Fiji to only do a task that a local cannot do, and if not, then they had to train a local to eventually take over.  A good idea.  But these days it has gone quite haywire. Too many jobs are being out-sourced and 'strangers' come in, take their cheques and barely contribute to the social life of the community in positive ways. It is quite wrong to give jobs to them when local men and women can do the jobs.
from Fiji Village today:
1,035 people to lose their jobs
Publish date/time: 14/11/2012 [17:05]
1,035 people will lose their jobs with the Fiji Roads Authority in the next few weeks.

717 permanent staff and 318 temporary staff of the Roads Authority will be made redundant as the Authority begins outsourcing road works to the overseas contractors.

In a statement this afternoon, it has been confirmed that of the 1,152 staff, 318 temporary staff will be made redundant and as they are only employed on a temporary basis, they do not qualify for redundancy.

90 permanent staff will be deployed to other Ministries and Departments, 27 contracted staff will continue under their current conditions, 717 permanent un-established staff will be made redundant and redundancy packages will be offered to them.

The Cabinet has approved one week of pay for each completed full year of service.

According to the Authority, a lot of these staff are expected to be re-employed as the overseas contractors begin their work next year.

If workers choose the redundancy package, they are free to get work with the private contractors but will not be able to re-enter Government service for two years.

In addition to this, 34 staff in Nadi, 20 staff in Suva and 12 staff in Lautoka will be made redundant as the Fiji Roads Authority will also be taking over management of all municipal roads.

Authority's Manager Change, Mike Rudge is expected to comment soon.

Story by: Dhanjay Deo

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