Friday, August 10, 2012

Colin's Comments on the word 'Constitution'

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In the features section of today's Fiji Times are some comments from a letter-writer, Colin Deokie. Vinaka Colin.  But I did like the typo  of  a 'scared institution' instead of 'sacred institution'!  Yes, I guess we do get scared at times about such a thing as a legal document about society.

Building on truth

Colin Deoki
Friday, August 10, 2012
What "Source" did the former leaders of Fiji refer to when planning and formulating the Constitutions of Fiji?
In the past, they tried valiantly to establish a "Moral Code of Conduct" to govern the nation. However, their best efforts created anomalies.
The word "Constitution" means, "Fundamental principles to govern a nation or body."
'Fundamental' means, "Base or Foundation".
The word "Principle", I discovered, means "Fundamental Truth or Law as the basis of reasoning or action, a personal code of conduct, a moral attitude". The word comes from the Latin, "Principium" or "Source".
Over 2000 years ago a 'source' of infinite wisdom said, "Whoever builds a house on sand will see it washed away".
This 'source' also said that anything founded upon "TRUTH" will grow strong, becoming a blessing for countless generations.
In 1965 during the London Constitutional Conference, and just before Fiji's independence, a few good men and women recommended that if the Constitution was founded upon Justice, Equality and Truth the nation would get a flying start to succeed through any storm.
Fear-mongering crash-landed that vision plunging the nation into near chaos.
The "House" referred to in Fiji's context, I believe, is the House of Parliament.
The House of Parliament is a scared institution because it is where the hopes and dreams of a nation are debated, defined and declared law. If the laws enacted in this House flout the very principles of Justice, Equality and Truth, it will crumble and fall.
After 40 years in the 'wilderness' there's an opportunity to rebuild a strong and vibrant nation using the simple, yet powerful mandate for building anything of value - "Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers build in vain".
It requires wisdom, courage and sacrifice to lay the foundation on the tenets of "Truth" so that the "House" will withstand, not only the test of time, but be a blessing to generations yet unborn.
I believe God's vision for Fiji is simple - one nation, one people, one song!
Because the 'source' says, "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!"
As in the past, a Constitution with anything less will be but a shadow masquerading as the Truth.
nColin Deoki is a frequent Letter writer to The Fiji Times. These views are his and not of this newspaper.


Andrew Thornley said...

I wonder if Colin Deoki is a relative of the strongly spoken and widely admired former Methodist minister, Rev. Ramsey Deoki?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Maybe the son or even grandson?
I remember Ramsey and his wife when they were in Dilkusha. I was probably 23 at the time and was on a Methodist Work Camp... and then I opted to stay on and work in Fiji.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I did some scouting around the net and found that Colin's father was Andrew Deoki a man with a very high status in Fiji.

* Colin Deoki was born and raised in Fiji and migrated with his family to live in Australia in 1983. A keen musician/songwriter he wrote the lyrics for "Fiji My Beautiful Fiji" which was a song the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara commissioned to be written to mark Fiji's 10th Anniversary of Independence in 1980. His late father, Andrew Deoki, was the Attorney General in Ratu Sir Kamisese's Government in the late 70's/80's.

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