Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sea levels rising at Kiribati

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At first it seemed that the people of Kiribati want to move to Fiji, but no, the proposed purchase of land at Savusavu is for investment purposes they say. Good idea anyway, as we do feel pity for the people of Kiribati and also Tuvalu are having trouble with the sea rising and they eventually will have to move away from their islands.

Church offers land for Kiribati
Serelisoni Moceica
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
MORE than 5000 acres of land in Savusavu has been offered by the Anglican Church to the Kiribati government for investment.The freehold land that belongs to the church group costs more than $16 million.

The comment was made yesterday by the Kiribati High Commissioner to Fiji, Reteta Rimon, as she confirmed reports that the land sought by Kiribati was for investment and development purposes and not for relocation as reported in the media.

"There are plans to purchase this land and the church group has offered us this piece of land, which the Kiribati government seeks to use for investment like agricultural purposes," Ms Rimona said.

She says the agricultural purpose is to address matters like food security that is being threatened because of the effects of climate change in their island homes.

"This is a Kiribati government initiative and has been approved by Cabinet," Ms Rimon said. The Kiribati ambassador said the plans were yet to be endorsed by the Kiribati parliament. "The idea is supported by government and all that is left is the parliament's endorsement, the parliament is sitting in April," Ms Rimon said.

She said talks with the Anglican Church was still in progress. The church's Trust Fund will comment once talks have been finalised.

Kiribati, which straddles the equator near the international date line, has found itself at the leading edge of the debate on climate change because many of its atolls rise just a few feet above sea level.

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Anonymous said...

buying land in fiji has the shonky government finally found a way to get at their peoples invested money ,are the i kiribati smart enough to stop their leaders enriching themselves ,also if you want tourist income stop crapping all over your beaches like animals