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Floods in Labasa, Nadi, Ba regions

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While we were enjoying the sunshine with the athletes from Fiji, it was really a large tropical depression in Fiji hitting Vanua Levu with much rain. Our family said that bridges were cut and cars couldn't get through yesterday. Here's one report from the FBC radio:

Residents claim biggest flood ever in Bulileka

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taken from / By: Faiyaz Khan

Residents in Bulileka Labasa are claiming that the heavy rain in the north has caused the biggest flood ever in their area since three years ago. Torrential rain has been hitting the north since this morning and as Anen Prasad explains, floodwaters have spread across Bulileka and nearby areas. "There's a big flood here in Bulileka. For the last three years, this has to be the largest flood. From Boca Road to Dreketi Lailai, Boubale and Soasoa are all under water and all motorists are stuck. It's a really big flood."

Residents have also been without electricity since early this afternoon.

"Right now where I am sitting I can see the whole of Bulileka, Batinikama there's no power at all in this area. It's all been without power from 4.30pm today."

Pacific Sun was forced to cancel some of its flights to and from the North due to adverse weather conditions experienced there.

Airline spokesman Shane Hussein says some flights to Savusavu, Taveuni and Labasa were cancelled and affected passengers will be accommodated on subsequently scheduled flights to these destinations once weather permits.

One evacuation center has been activated in Labasa as heavy torrential rain and strong winds continue to batter the northern town causing floodwaters to displace a number of residents.

Although no official word has been received from the Disaster Management office, FBC News understands that Daku Bhartiya School is now home to close to 60 people.

We have also received information that Bulileka Secondary School is on standby should residents in surrounding low lying areas need temporary shelter.

But many are hoping conditions will clear up.

FBC Labasa correspondent Mahesh Chand files this report:

"It started raining yesterday and it became heavy and in the afternoon and the wind started blowing and it was very strong. This morning it was raining again and has been like this the whole day and it is still raining now and we experiencing strong winds at the moment. I haven't been out of town but according to my friends there is flood at Suasua Road leading up to Naqiqi side and the the Bulileka near the Army barracks, it is flooded at the moment. Looking at Labasa town there is nothing so far but if it rains heavily whole night, we will probably have floods in Labasa town."

Meanwhile the heavy rain, flooding and landslides have resulted in road closures in the northern division.

The latest update from the Ministry of Works and Transport say that the Vunivesi/Nukubolu road in Savusavu is totally washed away and closed to all traffic, North Coastal Road in Taveuni was hit by a tidal wave however it has been cleared and open to all traffic and the road from Wairiki to Balili was hit by big waves and is closed to all traffic.

In Wainikoro - the road from Mandir Temple to Soasoa flat is under water and close to all traffic.

Urata and Baubale crossing, Dreketilailai crossing and Boca Bridge, Wainidrua in Nakelikoso, Vatunibale junction in Bulileka are all under water and closed to all traffic.

The Siberia low section towards Emily, the Wairiki crossing, Nakama crossing in Naduna, Taganiwaqa crossing in Delaikoro, the Bucalevu crossing, Nakorotari, Waidamudamu, Wailevu Tiri rd and Qaloyaga are all under water and closed to traffic.

A major landslide at the Vesidrua section in Nabouwalu has closed off half the road and the same has happened at the Transinsular Road due to a slip at the Saivou hill.

A landslide has also closed off the Batiri section of the Nabouwalu Road.

The low level crossing at Wailevu West Coast in Savusavu is under water and closed to all traffic and so is the Savudrodro Road.

It is also understood that the new government boat the MV Rogovoka, is stranded in Lomaloma, Vanuabalavu in Lau. The vessel was due to unload cargo in Lakeba today but had to return to Lomaloma because of rough seas and heavy rains.

Report by : Apisalome Coka; Ritika Pratap; Roland Koroi; Indra Singh
a few days later:
the western side of Viti Levu really had severe storm and flood damage - even Tavua, Rakiraki, Ba, Lautoka and Nadi. Once again the onslaught of nature intrudes into the lives of people - often damaging property, frightening people, causing electricity and weater failure and later some associated sickness. Isa, Fiji. Photos are from Ba and Nadi areas.

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