Wednesday, October 19, 2011

gift to Vatuadova

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Ateca has told us about two wonderful gifts from friends from New Zealand to the village of Vatuadova. A stove and a cement water tank. Ateca says, 'They are our Prayer friends and they funded the 2 Vatudova projects, the cement water tank and home made oven. Ateca told us that the young people are from Youth with a Mission who she had met a year ago at a prayer meeting in Labasa. This time our relatives at Vatuadova gave them lunch and teas while they did their project for two weeks. YWAM is a great organisation for young Christians to travel, take children's programs, and put a generous spirit into today's Christian outreach. The picture taken at Wakanilato(uncle Dakai's house). Dakai is the turaga ni mataqali. A big vina'a va'alevu to our NZ friends.'

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