Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free school books arrive in Labasa

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It was nice to see a little video from the Fiji TV today that many boxes of school books have arrived in Labasa to be distributed to the many primary schools in the region. The donation of free books from the Ministry of Education is an excellent move and a great practical idea to help the youngsters of Fiji. I wonder though about what kind of books they are, because whoever chooses the books defines the syllabus material. Perhaps it's all 'top-to-down' anyway in Fiji curricula - all spelt out from the Minister rather than designed from each rural school. Are there any Art or Music or Physical Education books I wonder - as these areas in the school syllabus are just as important as readin', writin', and 'rithmatic!

We still send hundreds of boxes of books from Geelong to the South Pacific and South East Asia from Donation in Kind, the Rotary organisation. This morning Peceli and I did some sorting and boxing though most of the volunteers start again next week. Unfortunately we throw out numerous $50 beautiful books (of Form 6 level - Psychology, Business Studies, Biology, etc.) because they are inappropriate even for the higher classes in the Island schools. Some get reycled to an annual Book Sale in Geelong but as the Australian schools update their study books so often, the books are not wanted here either so we are given a hundred or more boxes of these higher level books. I think many would be good for Fiji Teacher's Colleges which are part of the new Fiji university.

By the way I can't get Fiji TV internet site (printed stories) as up comes a message 'Forbidden'. I wonder if anyone else gets that message or am I singled out as someone who should be banned! I still can get the Fiji TV site with the news as small videos.

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