Friday, December 11, 2009

History syllabus that should be history

from w
Are they serious that the current history syllabus taught in Fiji schools is the same as that of the 60s? Sobosobo, that was colonial! Before Independence, before coup culture! I once taught history in Fiji secondary schools and know now how biased it all was to a British colonial frame of reference, and it was then so limited in books and real understanding of the processes that create change. If the article is correct, then certainly there does need an update.
from radio Fiji:
History syllabus under review
Saturday, December 12, 2009

Members of the Fiji Islands History Association met to examine and review the Fiji School Leaving Certificate History syllabus that is currently being taught in schools. The team was made up of History academics from the University of the South Pacific, History teachers from various schools around the country and former graduates of the programme and a representative from the Education Ministry.

Senior Lecturer for History and Politics at USP Dr Morgan Tuimalealiifano says the current prescription taught in schools was prescribed in 1960 and 49 years later, teachers who are currently teaching the subject were also taught the same syllabus. He says the aim of the workshop is to revise, update as currently there is a mismatch between what is taught at University and what is taught in the classroom.


Andrew Thornley said...

This is the right way to go but I wonder what will be allowed through by the Education Department on the political history of Fiji since 1987.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
History is often written from the viewpoint of the winners/
strong/ and usually male point of view, not the ordinary and powerless. So who would indeed write the history of the past twenty years! At least many educated Islanders and Fiji Indians do speak up and think about issues. In the 60s colonial-focussed history was so different and there were few written resources for teachers.