Sunday, July 12, 2009

Someone knows which side his bread is buttered on

Pragmatic, practical is the way to dexcribe some of the Macuata people. From today's Fiji Sun.
Province plans to install ice plant

An ice plant project in the Macuata province worth more than $250,000 could be an answer to commercial fishermen’s woes.
Tui Macuata Ratu Aise Katonivere said plans were underway for the province to install a ice plant at Naduri village later this year. This is part of the province’s effort to protect and safeguard its fishing grounds.

Ratu Aisea said once the ice plant was established, the Qoliqoli Cokovata would consider waiving the traditional fishing permits to commercial fishermen.

This he said would apply only if they had established a partnership with the fishermen in terms of utilising its ice plant and employing the people.

Ratu Aisea said the ice plant would ensure all the fishermen from within the Qoliqoli Cokovata would sell their fish to them at the right price.

He said the problems related to unemployment will also be addressed.

“The next level of progress is to build an ice plant for the tikina in terms of resource management. With this ice plant we can collaborate with fishermen to buy our fish and ice,” he said.

“In return if this project goes well and we have a cordial relationship with commercial fishermen than there is a possibility that we will waive the fishing permits issued to them to fish in our qoliqoli.”

Ratu Aisea said the ice plant was also a way for the villagers to realise the maximum benefit of their fish stock.

Currently the sale of fish at the Labasa Market was being scrutinised by 80 voluntary fishing wardens of the Qoliqoli Cokovata.

He said the province was trying to work in compliance with the objectives of government to produce more rather than import sea food in an inclusive manner.

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