Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meanwhile all is fine and dandy at Matei airport

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An interesting letter to the editor today about the Taveuni airport!
Airport right of way

MATEI airstrip on Taveuni, after 5pm last week. The fire truck was parked outside the garage with communication radio on loud.

Firefighters had some visitors and they were smacking kava in the garage. There was a tractor parked next to the fire truck. It was not long before we heard the pilot radio-in saying they were four miles out.

As we heard the plane approach, my partner and I walked to the side of the arrival concourse and saw the plane lowering its wheels, approaching to land. Just then, we heard the tractor start and to our astonishment the driver drove straight on to the tarmac speeding toward the other end of the airstrip. At that moment the plane lifted its gear and flew straight over. Neither the fire attendants nor service staff thought anything of it. As the plane made its way around for a second approach, a service attendant mentioned casually "no problem the plane had to fly by because of the tractor".

The kava session continued as if nothing had happened. Up north, tractors now have the right of way on airstrips.

Laucala Island

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