Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gardening in Cuvu

from Peceli,
When I was in Cuvu recently I was shown a very large yam from the Vakatawa's plantation. I want to thank the Vakatawa,(pastor) my tauvu, and also the Vakatawa of Rukurukulevu, my tovata. They grew a lot of yams in their valevale and show a good example to the villagers. They are not only preaching the Word but in the early morning they go to their teitei to plant. This is what the Interim Minister of Agriculture Jo Cokanisiga was talking about - the need to work hard in using the land to grow vegetables and fruit.

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good and we want it all but my home town and my country also my people is did't getting freedom from Indonesia Brutally way of life we ususlly follow, and we are not indonesian and we want freedom we are still fighting for it now adays