Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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It amazes me that hotels and resorts need to get their food and products from a distance instead of from the nearest source. Fruit and vegetables surely can be produced in Taveuni close to the Laucala resort. The soil is so rich that everything can grow quickly in Taveuni, yet cassava comes from far away in Naitisiri, according to our friend Romanu who now works at Laucala after being Fiji's top policeman.
The local farmers in Taveuni need to get moving and fill these nearby markets. That goes also of course for all hotels and resorts in Fiji to source their food as locally as possible. But I don't think farmers need to keep on asking for the State's help to organise a marketing scheme. Just make some phone calls themselves -just get moving - stop drinking kava, and just plant!

frm Fiji Times
Chiefs agree to seek State's help
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update: 3:22PM Cakaudrove chiefs have agreed to make arrangements with State departments to help set up markets to supply food to the Laucala Island Resort in Taveuni.

This decision was made after the chiefs were told by the hotels head of security and former police commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca that most food were bought from Viti Levu.

Mr Tikotikoca told the chiefs cassava was purchased from Naitasiri and Joes Farm company supplied most of their vegetables.

He said pot plants had to be ordered from Viti Levu because the pot plants the hotel wanted was either not available in Taveuni and Savusavu or did not meet the demand.

Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu told his chiefs it was not too late for them to grab the opportunities already provided to markets outside Taveuni.

He told the chiefs they needed to work now with their villagers and distribute the responsibility of food supply to the hotel.

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