Friday, April 11, 2008

Two women of Fiji - Losalini and Lorini

from Peceli
I saw a picture of a woman selling bele in the market, making ends meet, Losalini Baraki. The price of food is very high now, according our relatives emails from Fiji and people have to use their own initiative to look after their families. Here is a story from the Fiji Times.

Vegetable prices soarSaturday, April 12, 2008

Losalini Baraki sells bundles of bele at the Suva Market yesterday
THE increase in food prices has forced vendors to increase their market prices in order for them to make profit. Vendors who get their supply from their own farms are not likely to be affected but those who buy from middleman say they have no choice. Vendors who buy from middleman said the low supply of produce had led to the increase of the market price of vegetables and root crops

Losalini Baraki, a vendor who buys from middlemen, said the prices of all market produce had increased. "I had to increase my price in order for me to make some profit," she said. Mrs Baraki said a sack of pumpkims that used to sell at $15 is now $50. "I know people would be complaining about the price saying that it's too expensive. I suggest that people plant their own food at home." ....

The second story is about Mrs Lorini Tevi, a highly educated Fijian lady whose concern for the whole of Fiji and the life of our citizens moved her to take up membership of the Charter group and she spoke in the debate. I watched it just now and her paper is about ideals for Fiji. Go to Fiji Times for video of debate and click on Lorini's photo to hear her speech.

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