Friday, November 17, 2006

Fiji English Dictionary - how to purchase

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I found the details on the Fiji Times advertisement for the book.
Available at Fiji Times $22 special offer

There are 690 pages, with 18,000 carefully selected words, detailing English as it is spoken in Fiji, including common Fijian, Hindi and other words which are used daily when Fiji’s citizens speak their common language. Included is the meaning, pronunciation, and often the derivation of words. Sample pages are given on the Fiji Times website.
D — first page (PDF - 158KB)
K — first page (PDF - 183KB)
N — first page (PDF - 230KB)
All sample pages: D, K & N (PDF - 565KB)
Hard Cover
RRP: $38.00
Fiji Times Intro Price: $32.50 VIP
Soft Cover
RRP: $28.00
Fiji Times Intro Price: $22.50 VIP
Note: additional charge for registered postage.
For enquiries about mail order, call Foto Ledua on + (679) 322 1657 or email
I looked at the sample pages and realize that there are many Fijian and Hindi words included, so it is not strictly a Fiji English Dictionary at all. It's more like a 'common language, mainly English, as used in Fiji'.

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