Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nukubati a small luxury resort in Macuata

Not far from Naduri is an island, Nukubati, which is the only luxury resort in the north.

One pic is looking from Nukubati towards the mountains of Macuata, perhaps where the last stand of the Seaqaqa warriors took place, hopeless against rifles. The men had refused to pay some head tax. Some of the losers resettled in the Savusavu area.

Too expensive for the likes of me, but many people say it is lovely and certainly the people of the Friendly North want some kind of share in the tourism industry! I wonder if there is a tabu on tourists catching fish in the nearby reef!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

From Peceli
Don't forget that Savusavu is called 'in the north' also, even though it's on the south coast of Vanua Levu. Hotels and resorts there include the Hot Springs HOtel, Costeau, Namale.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the mountains in the background have been in my family for a century. Guess we beat out the fijians.