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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Water in Suva?

from w
Here we go again, and again, and again!

from Fijiradio:
Water disruption intended for SuvaSaturday, March 15, 2008
The Public Works Department is advising consumers that water disruptions will worsen from tomorrow. Divisional Engineer Central Eastern Serei Cokocoko Yanuyanurua says areas in and around Suva will be affected and he’s urging residents to start storing water.
etc etc. etc. ad nauseum!
Sobosobo! Are they joking? Every day for months and months the people of most parts of Suva have experienced taps that are dry because of so many problems with the access to the water supply, the pumps, the aged infrastructures.

It is absolutely shameful that this should be so bad in a country like Fiji.

Instead of diverting much needed funds to fix the problems about water, precious dollars are spent on stupid court cases and consultants and committees and promises to overseas 'experts' for large amounts of money for their 'expertise'. For heaven's sake, fix the water before you all start yacking about an ideal society. Everyone knows an ideal society functions well when the people are fed, watered, and housed and given useful occupations, not dreams and visions and talkfests at hundreds of dollars or more a day!